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Airport Status / Airspace Flow Programs (AFP)

Department: Department of Transportation (DOT)
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ( )
Sub Agency: Air Traffic Control System Command Center ( )
Airport Status / AFP ( ) was introduced in the summer of 2006 and marks a significant new step in en-route traffic management. The principal goal for the initial deployment was to provide enhanced en-route traffic management during severe weather events. An AFP is a traffic management process that identifies constraints in the en-route system, develops a real time list of flights that are filed into the constrained area, and distributes expect departure clearance times (EDCT) to meter the demand through the area.
Help/Documentation: ,
WSDL/Data Location:
AFP information is included in XML Airport Status information which can be found at . Note: Status information indicates general airport conditions of the major airports and is not flight specific.


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