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ASCQuerySvc Web Service

Department: Government Council
Agency: Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) ( )
Sub Agency: Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) ( )
The ASCQuerySvc Web Service allows computer systems used by lenders, regulatory agencies, and other interested parties to automatically perform searches of the Appraisal Subcommittee's (ASC) National Registry and have the search results immediately available to their computer systems.

The Appraisal Subcommittee's (ASC) Mission is to:

  • oversee the appraiser regulatory programs established by the States, Territories and the District of Columbia (States);

  • monitor the requirements addressing appraisal standards for federal financial institutions;

  • maintain the National Registry of State certified and licensed appraisers;

  • monitor and review operations of the Appraisal Foundation.

WSDL/Data Location:
GetQueryableFieldsReturns a list of fields, data types, and optionally applicable values that can be requested and returned from searches of the National Registry.
RunQuerySearch the National Registry and return the requested data.

Example: ASCQuerySvc

gov.asc.www.ASCQuerySvc svc = new gov.asc.www.ASCQuerySvc();

//query the service to get a list of all available fields.
gov.asc.www.FieldHelper[] AllFields = svc.GetQueryableFields(false);

//load all the available field names into a string list
List<string> FieldNames = new List<string>();
foreach (var curField in AllFields)

//create a 3 filter condition for St_Abbr, Lic_Number, and Lic_Type. All Operators
//except "Between" and "In" have only one operand
gov.asc.www.FilterCondition oFilter1 = new gov.asc.www.FilterCondition();
oFilter1.FieldName = "St_Abbr";
oFilter1.Operator = gov.asc.www.AvailableOperators.Equals;
oFilter1.Operands = new string[] { "CA" };
gov.asc.www.FilterCondition oFilter2 = new gov.asc.www.FilterCondition();
oFilter2.FieldName = "Lic_Number";
oFilter2.Operator = gov.asc.www.AvailableOperators.Equals;
oFilter2.Operands = new string[] { "AR023287" };
gov.asc.www.FilterCondition oFilter3 = new gov.asc.www.FilterCondition();
oFilter3.FieldName = "Lic_Type";
oFilter3.Operator = gov.asc.www.AvailableOperators.Equals;
oFilter3.Operands = new string[] { "3" };

//run the query and get the results. All available fields will be output. Multiple filter conditions are
//passed in an array, and are logically "ANDed" together. Opt to recieve discipline data and all
//matching records
DataSet oResults = svc.RunQuery(FieldNames.ToArray(), new gov.asc.www.FilterCondition[] { oFilter1, oFilter2, oFilter3 }, true, 0);

//display all the returned column titles
for (int i = 0; i < oResults.Tables[0].Columns.Count; i++)
    Console.Write(oResults.Tables[0].Columns[i].ColumnName + "\t");


//iterate the result set and display it
foreach (DataRow oRow in oResults.Tables[0].Rows)
    for (int i = 0; i < oResults.Tables[0].Columns.Count; i++)
        Console.Write(oRow[i].ToString() + '\t');


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