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All Hazards Emergency Message Collection System (HazCollect)

Department: US Department of Commerce (DOC)
Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( )
Sub Agency: National Weather Service ( )
The HazCollect system, , will provide an automated capability to streamline the creation, authentication, collection, and dissemination of non-weather emergency messages in a quick and secure fashion. The HazCollect system is a comprehensive solution for the centralized collection and efficient distribution of Non-Weather Emergency Messages (NWEMs) to the NWS dissemination infrastructure, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), and other national systems.

Registration required.
Help/Documentation: ,
WSDL/Data Location:
Once registered, you will be provided with access information.
getAlertUsed to retrieve a particular Alert with known identifier and sender from the OPEN interface
getAlertsByPostedDateUsed to retrieve all Alerts posted to or from your COG later than the date and time specified by the Calendar value
getAlertsBySentDateUsed to retrieve all Alerts posted to or from your COG with values greater than the time specified by the Calendar parameter
getCogsUsed to get all of the COGs that you are allowed to post to
getHCSModeUsed to retrieve the current operational mode of the HazCollect server
getMyCogUsed to get the COG you are logged into in SimpleCOG format.
getNWEMAuxDataUsed to retrieve list of geographic areas and associated codes to which a COG is authorized to broadcast
getServerTimeUsed to retrieve the current DM-OPEN server time in Calendar format
isCogAuthorizedUsed to determine whether a COG is authorized to post NWEM messages to the NWS
pingUsed to verify that the service is up and running and that the user has been successfully authenticated.
postNWEMUsed to post an NWEM Alert to one or more OPEN COGs

Example: N/A

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