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5-Star Safety Ratings Menu Option 5-Star Safety Ratings
Get vehicle crash worthiness and roll over safety information (1990-2010)
Current Weather Menu Option Current Weather
Get current weather conditions for any location within the U.S.
Drug-Drug Interactions Menu Options Drug-Drug Interactions
Get drug-drug interaction information
Elevation Menu Option Elevation
Get the elevation of a specific geographic point in the US
EPA Regulated Sites Menu Option EPA Regulated Sites
Search for EPA regulated sites
FDA Drug Labels Menu Options FDA Drug Labels
Search for FDA Drug Labels (i.e. information used to create medication package inserts)
Federally Funded Health Centers Menu Option Federally Funded Health Centers
Search for federally funded health centers
Gazetteer Menu Option Gazetteer
Get maps, geographic coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude) and elevation for geographic features of all types in the US
Jobs for Vets Menu Option Jobs for Vets
Search for jobs from employers who want to hire Veterans
National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Menu Option National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD)
Get weather forecast data from the National Weather Service for any location within the U.S.
Nearby Species Menu Option Nearby Species
Learn what species have been reported within a geographic area
Pill Identifier Menu Option Pill Identifier
Identify pills from the nation's prescription formulary based on their physical characteristics
Recent Recalls Menu Option Recent Recalls
Get recall and product safety news from multiple federal agencies
Recreational Information Database (RIDB) Menu Option Recreational Information Database (RIDB)
Search for federal recreational facilities
Small Business Source System (SBSS) Menu Option Small Business Source System (SBSS)
Check a firm's 8(a), HUB Zone or SDB certification status
Threatened and Endangered Species Field Guide Menu Option Threatened and Endangered Species Field Guide
Search for threatened and endangered species
US Postal Service Web Tools Menu Option US Postal Service Web Tools
Verify postal addresses and look up zip codes
Ultra Violet (UV) Index Menu Option Ultra Violet (UV) Index
Get a prediction of the next day's ultraviolet radiation levels
Volunteer Opportunities Menu Option Volunteer Opportunities
Search for volunteer positions and events for citizens interested in volunteer service benefitting our nation’s resources
Water Quality Monitoring Stations Menu Option Water Quality Monitoring Stations
Get a listing of water quality monitoring stations within a geographic boundary

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